What To Expect

  Your first session to Wise PT is the most important. Although modifications will be made along the way, your initial plan of care will be based on the information that your therapist obtains during the first session. During this first session, you will also meet your primary therapist and begin to establish a rapport with the therapist that you will be working with throughout your entire time at Wise PT.

Your Therapist’s Job:

  During your first session, it is the duty of your therapist to develop a rapport, to perform a complete examination, to establish a physical therapy diagnosis, to create a plan of care with your input, and to thoroughly communicate and educate you regarding the nature of your condition, the findings of the exam, and the specific nature of the care that you will receive.

To make your first session a success, your therapist will be involved in providing the following:

  • examination and evaluation of your primary and secondary physical impairments

  • A thorough history of your current problem along with any past or current problems

  • observation of posture and overall bony and soft tissue structure

  • examination of active and passive motion

  • muscle function including strength and endurance

  • neurologic status including reflexes, touch sensation, and screening of strength

  • level of tenderness, swelling, and position and status of specific anatomic structures will be indentified through specific touch or palpation

  • once completed, a thorough discussion related to the results of the exam and the plan of care will take place along with a time of education related to your condition and the means that will be used to solve this problem

  • based on the results of the exam, you will be provided with a physical therapy diagnosis that relates to the specific goals of intervention

  • A plan of care, specific to the diagnosis, will be established by both you and your therapist. This plan will include the specific goals of PT and the types of interventions that will be used, and why.

  • The results of your examination will then be used to establish a prognosis that includes the amount of time care is expected, the expected outcomes, and how long it will take to achieve these goals and outcome.

  • Your therapist will also take this opportunity to educate you about your condition and the best way of resolving it. An informed client is the one most likely to get better, faster!

Your Job:

  During your first session to Wise PT, you as the client, will also have a role to play and a responsibility to fulfill. In order for us to believe that we are able to help you, you must first and foremost come expecting to get better and doing what you can to facilitate your own recovery. It is only through diligent team work that most conditions can improve. It is your duty to come with a positive attitude, be open and honest in your communication, diligently work with your therapist in establishing goals for your care, and follow through on the requests from your therapist.


 To make your first session a success, you will be involved in the following:

  • First and foremost, maintain a positive attitude and expect the best!

  • Provide up to date and accurate information about your insurance and ability to pay an additional costs and co-pays

  • Communicate openly and honestly with your therapist regarding how you developed your problem and how you are doing at the present moment

  • Accurately identify any other medical issues that you may be experiencing. This may include other medical problems, previous problems related to your primary reason for coming to PT, and a detailed history of your medication usage.

  • Interact with your therapist by asking questions and helping to develop a plan of care that meets your needs.

  • Follow through with timely communication regarding your response to each session and the activities requested of your therapist to maintain progress between sessions.

What to Expect:

  Upon entrance into our facility, you will be greeted by our friendly receptionist, who will welcome you and ask for your insurance card, a form of identification, and any other information related to your claim. She will provide you with various forms that must be completed in order for us to better appreciate your condition and any other past medical history. Please arrive for your first visit approximately 15 minutes early in order to complete these forms. Your therapist will then greet you and bring you back to an examination area where he/she will spend the next 30-45 minutes taking a variety of measurements and thoroughly examining you.

  At the conclusion of the examination, your therapist will share the results of his/her findings and ask if you have any questions. You will then discuss the plan of care and the goals for therapy. Depending on the therapist’s discretion, you will usually engage in a short session of intervention, however, occasionally the rigor of the examination is enough and treatment is not started until the next session. The entire session will take approximately 45-90 minutes depending on the condition. It is not uncommon to have a bit more soreness following the initial examination, although our therapists will do their best to avoid this from happening. Your co-pay is due at the time of each visit and will be collected by our receptionist at the conclusion of your first visit.

What to Bring:

   At the time of your first visit, please bring the following:

  • Current prescription from your referring physician (if applicable, not required)

  • Current insurance card

  • Current identification (ie. driver’s license)

  • Health information and past medical history

  • Cash or credit card for insurance co-pay collected at the time of each visit

  • List of current medications

  • Comfortable clothing that allows exposure of the involved region of the body


If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment then please email us at wise1pt@gmail.com or call us at (610) 683-5686.

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